CEO Update 2-3

Dear Family,

Happy Black History Month!

Thank you so much for all your patience with us as we transition to our Spring - Ready to Wear Collection. We know the site looks empty right now, but we have some amazing new designs we are gearing to launch in time for Spring! Here is what is happening in the meantime!

  1. NEW BRAND ALERT! We are welcoming our new athleisure brand, simisienna, to our brand family. simisienna is athleisure with a fun and funky twist! simisienna officially launches next month, but you can  start to shop simisienna items this month on
  2. WEARable Art: This month we are launching the WEARable art collection. A line of looks, that shows off the collective beauty of black woman. Find a teaser of this amazing collection here.
  3. WALL ART: In line with the WEARable art collection, you will soon be able to shop beautiful wall art for your home. Check back soon!

Also, thanks so much to everyone who has been signing up for office hours. If you interested, you can find Feb. Slots available here.

Thanks All,